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Control has been selected on large-scale and challenging projects to deliver reliable, affordable and secure connectivity.
Control, CNIguard, Camelot UK
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Control has been selected on large-scale and challenging projects to deliver reliable, affordable and secure connectivity.



Camelot UK 

Camelot UK, the licensed operator of the UK National lottery, initiated a project to roll out over 10,000 scratchcard-only terminals, also known as “compact lottery terminals”.  Using the Control Connect service, Camelot were able to create a completely private and secure network. Not only was the solution cost-effective but the cellular network also enabled quick and simple installation.


“One of the benefits of using the Control Connect network is that once the terminals are connected, even in the challenging sites where external antenna have had to be used, they stay connected. Certainly the early results of our monitoring indicate that Control Connect is one of Camelot’s most reliable networks.”Michael Pellett, Principal Infrastructure and Network Architect at Camelot UK.


Watch the video below or read the full case study by following this link.





CNIguard are international leaders in providing smart sensoring solutions for safeguarding and strengthening the resilience of cities, infrastructures and populations. For their Manhole Monitoring System, CNIguard selected Control as the cellular networking partner to deliver the connectivity solution they needed. The Control Connect solution was cost-effective as well as best-in-class, offering scalability, flexibility and security.


“Control were the obvious choice for our Manhole Monitoring Service; as leaders in their field they had extensive expertise in cellular connectivity, were unique in their all-in-one offering and provided the most cost-effective proposal.” –  Dr Edward Klinger, CEO at CNIguard.


Watch the video below or read the full case study by following this link.





In the below video, Nathan Sanders, Managing Director of Control and Technical Director of the Westbase Group, discusses cellular connectivity within a motorsport environment, and how Control developed an advanced solution to meet reliability and security requirements.