Control Ltd | TLM-PRO Cellular Telemetry Modem
Introducing the TLM-PRO Cellular Telemetry Modem from Control - the world's first.
TLM-PRO Cellular Telemetry Modem
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TLM PRO Telemetry Modem

Motorsport Specific

Designed with input from race engineers.

The TLM-PRO Cellular Telemetry Modem is the world’s first and only cellular telemetry modem with firmware specifically written to meet the demands of Motorsport. Our algorithms have been developed in conjunction with race and data engineers at the highest levels of endurance racing.


The TLM-Pro™ Cellular Telemetry Modem is currently used by private and manufacturer teams in championships including FIA WEC, ELMS, GT World Challenge Europe and VLN.

The product has been developed to address the issues found following a year of supporting off the shelf cellular devices in the demanding arena of motorsport including races such as Le Mans and Daytona.

The firmware is constantly evolving based on feedback from testing, racing and working at manufacturer level. This firmware can be delivered over the air ensuring your device stays up to date and has the latest features.

Mil Spec connector

Instant data transmission following pit stops and power cycles

Dynamic buffer size - race engineer influenced algorithms

Intelligent network selection

Proven at manufacturer level in FIA WEC / Blancpain / VLN / ELMS

Customer feedback accepted for firmware features


The TLM-PRO Cellular Telemetry Modem works with all loggers, including:

Bosch Motorsport Telemetry
Cosworth Telemetry
MoTeC Telemetry
How to buy the TLM-PRO Cellular Telemetry Modem?


Technical Specifications

Power: 4.75 V – 16.2 V

Max Current: 1.1A when charging, 0.7A once charged

Backup Power: Approximately 150 seconds when not transmitting

Working Temperature: -30° to +75°C

Radio Technologies: GSM / GPRS / EDGE / HSPA+ **

Weight: 420g

Dimensions: 141 x 114 x 27mm (excluding mounting tabs and connector)

Mating Connector:  AS61035SN

1USB Green
2RS232 TX
3RS232 RX (Data From Logger)
4USB White
5Ground (linked to pin 9 on PCB)
7Powerloop Out
8Powerloop In
9USB Ground (linked to pin 5 on PCB)
10USB 5V
13Battery +