Control Ltd | About Control | Automotive Software and Connectivity
Control, part of the Westbase Group, specialise in developing connected telemetry solutions for the automotive and motorsport markets.
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Control are changing the way “things” are connected for the better.

We started life focused on motorsport telemetry. We knew radio couldn’t provide the coverage required by the demanding environments, and we also knew that the cellular off-the-shelf devices available didn’t deliver reliably. So, we set out to improve things and created the TLM-Pro – the world’s first cellular telemetry modem with firmware specifically written to meet the demands of Motorsport.


Since this, the TLM products and complementary Motorsport telemetry services have gone from strength to strength, and are now used by leading private and manufacturer teams across some of the world’s biggest championships including FIA WEC, ELMS, SRO Endurance Series and VLN.


Our experience in developing cellular-connected, embedded IoT solutions for automotive and Motorsport started with a vision for improve telemetry, but has led to us developing a modern and diverse technology stack. We share our experience with customers to help them leverage the latest technologies available today, while also building in future proofing to ensure their path to 5G and beyond. We complement our development services with software-defined networking and connectivity services to provide a secure, flexible, end-to-end solution that gets “things” connected for the better.