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Control Connect provides the same benefits as a private APN without the costs of building and running it – creating a totally private network “as-a-Service”.

Designed with flexibility in mind, it delivers enterprise-grade network security wherever it is needed, keeping business data transported across the network protected.


Hardware- and network-agnostic, it is driven by evolving business needs – ensuring that the network is futureproofed as it changes and grows. It works globally and can be deployed rapidly to cover project requirements effectively and efficiently.


As well as delivering network security, Control Connect allows network administrators to control costs. Overage, when leveraging a cellular network, can quickly become an expensive and unforeseen cost, but with Control Connect you can monitor data usage and adjust network settings to ensure that the network usage stays within the desired parameters.


It also enables remote management and monitoring of the network itself so that administrators can ensure an optimised and reliable performance. The Control Connect online platform provides a consistent and unified interface for device deployment, control and management.


The combined network visibility, security, features and cost control make it a unique solution which significantly reduces total cost of ownership and head count, while de-risking the remote networking deployment. The platform is used to deliver core network services for Tier 1 global operators, demonstrating the solution has been built with high availability and scale in mind.


In an increasingly connected world, the Control Connect Service helps to answer the need for central collation and management of business data, creating a fully secure and flexible Wide-Area-Network extension that can connect anywhere.


For more information about Control Connect, contact Control today.



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