Control Ltd | TLM-P1 Cellular Telemetry Modem
Introducing the TLM-P1 Cellular Telemetry LTE Multi Modem
TLM-P1 Cellular Telemetry Modem
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Motorsport Telemetry Evolved

Multiple fully global LTE modems combined for the best coverage.

The TLM-P1™ Cellular Telemetry Modem is a ground-up new hardware platform designed for motorsport. Multiple LTE networks are connected at the same time with our bespoke SurePath™ technology, which selects the best network to utilise at any given moment. Increased connectivity to the vehicle including RS232, Ethernet and CAN is also included. The TLM-P1 is a platform for the future.


The TLM-P1™ Cellular Telemetry Modem is the most advanced motorsport-specific cellular modem in the world. With 3 fully global, LTE-Advanced Pro (CAT 12) modems which utilise SIMs from multiple operators, attached to multiple mobile networks, the TLM-P1™ protects against operator outages as well as utilising our bespoke SurePath™ technology to deliver live data to the garage using the best network available at any point on the track.

With our advanced private network platform, all 3 SIM cards in the device share a common data quota to ensure running costs remain low.

Three Global LTE Modems, Three SIMs, Ultimate Connectivity

CAN Connection allowing the logger to control transmission for better quota control

Instant data transmission following pit stops and car power cycles

Dynamic buffer size - race engineer influenced algorithms

Le Mans winning - proven at the highest level

The TLM-P1 Cellular Telemetry Modem works with all loggers, including:

Bosch Motorsport Telemetry
Cosworth Telemetry
MoTeC Telemetry
How to buy the TLM-P1™ Cellular Telemetry Modem?


Technical Specifications

Power: 9 – 16 V

Current: 0.5A to 1.2A mode and charge state dependant

Backup Power: Approximately 30 seconds

Working Temperature: -10° to +85°C

Radio Technologies: GSM / GPRS / EDGE / HSPA+ / LTE-A

Weight: 700g excluding AV mounts

Dimensions: 226 x 158x 29mm (excluding connectors)

Main Mating Connector:  AS61035SN

1USB White
2RS232 TX
3RS232 RX (Data From Logger)
4USB Green
5Ground (linked to pin 9 on PCB)
7Powerloop Out
8Powerloop In
9USB Ground (linked to pin 5 on PCB)
10USB 5V
12reset (pull to ground to reset modem)
13Battery +

Second connector pin assignments available via customer support portal