Control Ltd | June 2017 (Le Mans Release)
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June 2017 (Le Mans Release)

June 2017 (Le Mans Release)

Release notes for the June 2017 (Le Mans Release) TLM-PRO Update


  • SMS Support Added for reboot and obtaining of modem status
  • TCP Support Added
  • Network preference mode replaces manual network selection

Updates / Fixes

  • Serial Number and APN information has been added to the Device Info page of the web service, and some improvements have been made to APN configuration in the Update Modem Configuration page (this was disabled in previous releases, it is now enabled by default).
  • The information collected in the Modem Log page has been updated to include a serial keepalive counter.
  • The web service no longer references local javascript files by default. The modem connection is tested and if a local client is detected over USB then the local javascript is served. If a remote client is detected javascipt is picked up from internet cdn repositories. This is to reduce bandwidth requirements when administering the modem over the air  whilst still allowing local administration via the USB interface without an internet connection.
  • The Update Modem Configuration page now refreshes after a value has been changed.
  • Enhanced error checking and fault detection
  • Serial Port recovery upon failure detection
  • Inter-process communication between different parts of the modem software has been rationalised and improved