TLM-P1 Evo Telemetry Device

The TLM-P1 Evo™ Cellular Telemetry Device is the most advanced Motorsport-specific cellular telemetry system in the world.

An evolution of our multi-championship and 24-Hour race winning TLM-P1™, the new TLM-P1 Evo™ is the world's first 5G Motorsport telemetry device. More compact and lightweight, it features three simultaneous cellular connections plus a built-in Ethernet switch.

The TLM-P1 Evo features our bespoke SurePath™ technology with a high specification global 5G modem, plus 2 fully global, LTE-Advanced Pro (CAT 12) modems, each attached to multiple mobile networks. This combination provides best-in-class resilience, delivering live data to the garage using the best network available at any point on the track. The TLM-P1 Evo is also available is an LTE-only device featuring 3 fully global LTE-A Pro (CAT 12) modems.

Increased connectivity options allow for multiple data streams to be transmitted with RS232, multiple Ethernet and CAN interfaces available. The integrated Ethernet switch also allows an umbilical connection pass through for vehicle controllers with a single Ethernet port.

Diagnostic information is provided via the CAN interface, while allowing modem behaviour to be controlled by the vehicle logger at the same time, supporting advanced data transmission strategies and predictable running costs with our advanced private network platform. All 3 SIM cards in the device share a common data quota to maximise the data package usage.

The included Ethernet connectivity also allows significantly higher data rates than traditional RS232 telemetry, whilst our cloud connectivity provides remote diagnostics, configuration and software updating capabilities.

Product highlights:

  • 3 built-in modems with 5G and LTE-A Pro options available
  • Integrated Ethernet switch allows connections to multiple Ethernet devices, and an umbilical connection pass through for vehicle controllers with a single Ethernet port
  • Increased connectivity to the vehicle including RS232, CAN and multiple Ethernet
  • Multiple data streams
  • Common data quota between multiple modems for optimised cost

Max Current0.5-1.2A mode and charge state dependent
Backup PowerUltra cap for 20 seconds backup power

Temperature-10 to 85°C (14 to 185°F)

Modem Type5G Option: 1x 5G NR with CAT 20 LTE fallback plus 2x LTE CAT 12 / LTE Option: 3 x LTE CAT 12 with 3G fallback
Data Speed5G Option: 1x 4.5Gb/s Down, 660Mb/s Up, 2x 600Mb/s Down, 150Mb/s Up (Peak) / LTE Option: 3x 600Mb/s Down, 150Mb/s Up (Peak)
SIM Type3x embedded SIM + 1 x 2FF Locking SIM Slot (Modem 1)

2xTelemetry Streams (1 standard)
1xCAN Stream (License required)
1xMRTC Audio Stream (License required)

Get in touch for the full specification and how the TLM-P1-Evo will integrate into your electronics system