Global Telemetry Solution

One Product, Race Anywhere

Simply put, Control’s TLM solution offers the best coverage and the best performance from a single, unmodified, device.

Find out how our leading technical partnerships underpin this, providing a truly global data platform.

Daytona Telemetry

Since its introduction and debut win at the 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours, the TLM-P1 has become synonymous with GT and Prototype racing, celebrating overall and class wins at the flagship 24-hour races in Daytona, Le Mans, Nürburgring and Spa-Francorchamps in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. It also remains the only multi-modem motorsport cellular telemetry device available.

Control’s expertise in embedded software, product design and cellular communications means our solutions are not just the best today, but they’re constantly evolving. And being future-ready has never been easier with our “over the air” updates.

Unlike more traditional radio telemetry, cellular greatly reduces the need for additional infrastructure around a circuit, allowing teams to set up systems quickly, easily and cost-effectively. The advancements of 4G/LTE combined with our expertise and partnerships means even the most remote circuits have reliable, stable connections –  and this includes the fearsome 25km, 170-turn, Nürburgring Nordschleife, where the Control TLM-P1 telemetry system achieves over 99% circuit coverage!

Control can offer the best connectivity at highly demanding circuits across the world, thanks to their technical partners Telenor and Vodafone.

Telenor Connexion is the specialised IoT company within Telenor Group, one of the world’s major mobile operators. Building on more than 20 years of experience, Telenor Connexion manages 10+ million connected things, in 190+ countries, and offers global IoT connectivity and cloud services to enterprises with large fleets of connected devices as well as third-party service providers.


Vodafone is a leading technology communications company. With expertise in connectivity, a global scale, and leading IoT solutions, they help organisations of all types and sizes to grow. Vodafone has invested €23 billion in its network in just the last 2 years alone.


In addition to our technical partnerships, Control and our customers benefit from the experience of, sister company, – a leading supplier of 4G/5G and IoT networking solutions and services.

Our relationships with all of these leading suppliers means we have access to carrier-level diagnostic and configuration tools, allowing us to respond quickly to customer demands. By directly accessing and managing our network at a granular level, right down to individual SIM cards, we satisfy even the most complex connectivity issues and deliver the best level of support in the industry. 

These partnerships also underpin our truly global cellular connectivity solution. With an unrivalled roaming footprint, our customers benefit from the best coverage and increased resilience around the world; Control systems typically connect to a minimum of three networks in most countries which in turn uses the Control Private APN for secure transmission of data. When combined with the TLM-P1’s triple-modem feature, we achieve the most reliable and consistent connectivity of any motorsport telemetry system on the market, as the device seamlessly switches between networks as the car travels around the track.

Our partnerships help to drive the success of our #1 telemetry solution, so we can connect our customers with the insights, data and details they need to be #1 on the track