TLM-P1 Telemetry Device

Race Winning Telemetry.

Control's TLM-P1™ features three simultaneous LTE connections and utilises our SurePath™ technology to deliver live data to the garage using the best network available at any point on the track.

The CAN interface provides a tight integration with vehicle systems enabling diagnostic information from the device to be logged and viewed in context whilst behaviour can be controlled by the vehicle control systems allowing for advanced data transmission strategies. With our private network platform, all 3 SIM cards in the device share a common data pool to ensure predictable costs.

Ethernet connectivity allows higher data rates than traditional RS232 telemetry, whilst cloud connectivity provides remote diagnostics, configuration, and software updates.

  • Unique TLM protocol provides data sequencing, de-duplication, optimisation and retransmission
  • Intelligent packetisation of data for each type of logger reduces the impact of data loss
  • SurePathTM tests the quality of the attached mobile networks up to 15 times a second and will switch to the best performing one instantly
  • High / Low bandwidth telemetry switching via CAN (supported loggers only)
  • CAN control of device allows the logger to supress transmission of data when not required ensuring predicable data usage
  • CAN integration additionally allows dynamic control of telemetry options such as transmission modes and data destination
  • Ultracap ensures the device does not need to boot again if the car is briefly power cycled
TLM-P1 Motorsport Telemetry

Max Current0.5-1.2A mode and charge state dependent
Backup Power30 seconds whilst transmitting

Temperature-10°C - + 85°C (14°F - 185°F)

Modem TypeLTE Cat-12 with 3G fallback
Data Speed3x 600Mb/s Down, 150Mb/s Up (Peak)
Sim Type3x 2FF Locking SIM slot

DeviceRS232 SupportEthernet Support
BoschMax 115200Max 200kb/s
CosworthMax 115200Max 280kb/s
Magnetti MarelliMax 57600Contact Us
McLaren AppliedContact UsMax 1Mb/s (under development)
MoTeCMax 230400Not applicable
OtherMax 460800Contact Us

Thank you Control for your incredible support and help with this new system. We arrived at the track this morning, powered everything up, and the system worked flawlessly. We had coverage around the entire track – something NONE of us on the engineering staff have ever experienced here at Road America. I cannot thank you enough for building such a great system and providing such amazing support. I’m kicking myself that we didn’t use your product at the beginning of the season!
LMP2 Telemetry USA

Get in touch for the full specification and how the TLM-P1 will integrate into your electronics system